The Independent Watchdog for the Department for Work and Pensions

“It is a known fact that the government offices of complaint do not act on behalf of the public.”

Quote by the Dishonerable Judge Gary Hickinbottom, Chief  Social Security Commissioner.


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Thank you for your interest in the Campaign Against DWP Corruption (CADC).

We hope you’ll find us a useful resource in helping to recognize, combat and raise awareness of abuse of power involving the UK government’s largest department, a department dependent upon a sea of civil and judicial servants, we are repeatedly finding not doing their job properly.

In March 2007 the then Constitutional Affairs (now rebranded Ministry of Justice) Minister Harriet Harman MP spoke on BBC1’s Question Time of “transparency” and “adherence to law”.

It is with sadness, we continue to find the department failing in the latter, this campaign providing the transparency parliament claims to crave.

On the basis of a detailed body of written evidence demonstrating willful mischief, we seek; abolition of the Office of Social Security Commissioners (OSSC), (Now rebranded the Upper Tribunal) and the Parliamentary Ombudsman (PO), as they stand.

We likewise campaign for lay involvement in social security appeals, whether by jury or panels, to combat abuse of power in these private judicial courts which we find repeatedly breaking the law, contrary to their function, as Parliament requires; to uphold it!

We also want to see change in the complaints procedure, again by way of truly independent adjudication for staff misconduct and disciplinary action for all demonstrated instances of mischief and other criminal activity within the DWP and its associated bodies including the Child Support Agency (CSA), now re-branded the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC).

We aim likewise to inform, how public servants, salaried by the British taxpayer, can, for their own reasons, bully and defraud the weakest members in society, while those judicial servants in place to oversee them, not only condone such, join in, cover up and whitewash their colleagues illegal activity, the DWP remaining a bastion of the archaic and corrupt practice of closing ranks a mentality which invites the campaign.




As a DWP watchdog, we have found the DWP’s Office for Constitutional Affairs using taxpayer’s money to employ private legal firms to knowingly and successfully plead for corrupt decisions, from Social Security Commissioners otherwise now referred to as Upper Tribunal judges.


We have likewise found DWP management using taxpayers money, to hire private legal agencies to seek to both gag and threaten private citizens attempting to pursue legitimate redress of grievance within the DWP’s internal complaint’s procedure long before the internal procedure is itself exhausted!


With regard to the Human Rights Act 1998, adopted by the U.K. we observe breaches of this legislation by the DWP routine practice, the Appeal Tribunal Service and the OSSC (Upper Tribunal) invariably tolerating such breaches and paying only lip service to such, the DWP having little or no interest in their customer’s legal rights, a situation most benefit claimants know little about.

The so called “new system of protection” namely the European court, requires “domestic remedies” to have been “exhausted”. Although seemingly well intended, the Act is itself vague, slow and beyond the reach of welfare claimants to pursue, such requiring the employment of an advocate for opinion from the court of appeal and beyond, something not covered we understand, by legal aid, not forgetting from past cases it could take over sixteen years to get there as in the Deumeland case.

That protection the public could do without and having sought such, never finding a remedy anyway:

Klaus Deumeland ended up fined DM800 after sixteen years for bringing vexatious proceedings his complaint seemingly being that the proceedings were extraordinary protracted. Make up your own mind whether sixteen years is a reasonable period to obtain (or in his case not obtain) the said protection but otherwise keep the profession in work.


How can someone on or denied a benefit progress a case, without finance, through an appeal to the Appeals Service (Lower Tribunal or LT), an appeal to The Commissioners Office (UT), the Commissioners Office (UT) able to pass the case back to the Appeals Service (LT) as often as they so wish, Judicial Review: Court of Appeal, Back to the OSSC (UT) as often as they so wish, Court of Appeal, House of Lords, European Court of Human Rights…each step taking up to or over a year keeping members of the public on a merry go round of frustration, with never ending appeals; a refusal to grant closure, a practice which keeps the judiciary in work; leads not to justice but injustice, poverty, potentially the destruction of lives and homes, distress, despair, hyper-stress disorders, mental illness and ultimately the prospect of homelessness and suicide; issues not to be readily dismissed by society.

The consequences are such that claimants generally give up early in the process and are forced to find alternative means of support whether from family, begging or crime.

In the case of appeals concerning care of the elderly or chronically ill, the individual has invariably passed away long before the remedy is exhausted as was the case with both Klaus Deumeland’s parents.

Is this justice for those who need it most? We think not; the matter decided by highly paid individuals who consequently never find themselves within the social security system.

How can it be that the United Kingdom prides itself on being a mantle of democracy, freedom and justice in the global arena? The simple fact is that this nation has over time developed a system of oppression and injustice possessing a veneer of respectability and masking the reality of justice on an arbitrary basis rather than in accordance with adherence to the law.

Once in the system a claimant can and we know does become open to abuse, a political plaything of a rotten DWP franchise.


The word fraud, is a term not used lightly however we have identified cases of claimants being illegally and on the evidence quite deliberately robbed of tens of thousands of pounds yet when you consider that the simple theft of say a bar of chocolate, could lead to a custodial sentence, you should recognize why mischief and corruption on this huge scale by public and judicial servants, is very much in the public interest and requires exposure toward meaningful remedial action and reform.


An individual convicted of a criminal offence is granted the right of a trial before a jury made up of what should be, truly independent persons without highly experienced legal training in the particular field. Should the accused be found guilty they may receive a fine, such which may be paid up, taking into account personal circumstances affecting both ability to pay and basic physical needs.

Decision Makers in the DWP however have power, over an individual, not necessarily guilty of any crime, to withdraw not a few pounds but to strip that individual or family of their entire income in perpetuity (or as long as the appeals process wishes to hang the claimant out for) if they wish, a far greater power it appears than a highly experienced magistrate, controlled in the first instance by a jury!

Could this in part explain why in our society we are seeing so much homelessness and begging on the streets?

We believe the legislation (1999 Act) to be set out wholly reasonably should the DWP and their overseers abide by such. The problem is that those administering the legislation and especially those in place to administer them, display bias, do not abiding by the law, whitewash violations of the regulations put in place by parliament to protect the public and otherwise exceed their statutory powers.

Our total respect and support extends to those members of these organizations who are upright, honest and do not partake in such wrongdoing. They are we hope, a majority.


Parliament has we understand split the OSSC from the DWP following a period of apparent confusion, placing it under the Courts and Tribunal Service but as we know, the independence needed has not resulted, nor has it eliminated malpractice.

We are not in any way blaming parliament but impartiality needs to be exactly that; impartial. That said we will continue passively to do what we can to assist appellants or those within the grievance procedure to find the redress or acknowledgment they seek. We are all in this together and invite you to comment with your thoughts:

We welcome comment and assistance from:

  • Individuals anxious of unfair treatment or unsatisfactory service from the DWP seeking useful advice and support.                                                                                         
  • Individuals who have already suffered unfair treatment wishing to share their experience that others might learn and ultimately benefit from that knowledge.                      
  • Disgruntled employees or former employees of the DWP, the Appeals (Tribunal) Service including the Office of the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners, the Parliamentary Ombudsman service or Department for Constitutional Affairs who wish to join with us and blow the whistle on collective DWP mischief.                                                                                                              
  • Organizations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and Welfare Rights staff under pressure to keep up with underhand tactics utilized by the DWP which they will not otherwise find written up in hearing decisions.                                                               
  • Concerned citizens troubled by corruption and the lack of accountability by government and the judiciary.
  • DWP employees caught up in corruption who recognize bullying is wrong and want to escape the mentality having perhaps been pressured or forced into such by their superiors or peers.                                                                                                                 
  • M.P’s in receipt of complaints from constituents about misconduct within the DWP who want to know more or for that matter are willing to lend us some moral support, to take up the cause even with a simple email.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • G.P’s and medical specialists fed up of cases of stress and worse arising from government led frustration of their patients.   



An important issue to be raised by us is that of Data Protection, or rather the lack of it, by the DWP. Unless contributors wish to be identified, the one thing we want to assure anyone providing us with corroborative information is that we will sincerely not divulge private details to third parties.

We cannot say the same for those in the DWP who require being (as this government recently suggested of the DWP) “Named and Shamed”. (Source: Government statement 24 July 2006.)


You know what we think about the activities of the DWP in their illegal campaigns against members of the public but what do they say of themselves?

In an article regarding their internal Performance and Development System (PDS) the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) had these words to say:

“No confidence vote in DWP Senior Management…Senior management in DWP are behaving like “Victorian mill owners”…continually arrogant high handed tactics…in this dispute for the long haul …they have been proved wrong in that respect and our commitment to continue for justice…Senior management have a cavalier approach to industrial relations and the law…Ministers aren’t listening, or don’t care…breathtaking arrogance or downright stupidity from an Executive team…just how far out of touch they are…

Even if you are not attending the lobby of parliament, all PCS members should be writing to their local MP highlighting the problems, which we currently face in terms of endemic low pay coupled with a corrupt appraisal system.”

CPS lodged a claim against DWP management in the High Court over PDS.

Source: PCS Issued as DWP/BB/36/04/R

Campaign Against DWP Corruption comments:

Low pay is one thing; what about no pay as this outfit do for individuals set aside for persecution? 

That said, the DWP have not been without their own widespread scandal including factory farming of personal data for identity theft. These issues as with all others raised here we hope to follow up in detail elsewhere on the site.


Corruption within the DWP and its associated judiciary is not a party political issue however it appears Members of Parliament seem willing only to pay lip service to their constituents and are similarly being paid only lip service in return by the DWP. Why?

Are MP’s setting aside that Parliament itself laid down the Regulations and associated legislation (as well as adopting the Human Rights Act 1998) by which these civil servants and members of the judiciary must abide? Given the independence of the judiciary there exists no means by which to call them to book except further appeal. This might likewise be a test for MP’s to see if you truly are doing your job to represent your constituents in their uphill struggle as mere John’s against this Goliath, with a seemingly out of control government department, for individuals own reasons, denying the public a fair and proper service.

Regarding other ongoing DWP failure in the CSA, here’s a word from:



“A new system should promote greater personal responsibility.”

“We will throw the book at those people who are holding up two fingers to society and to their families in not discharging their financial responsibilities.”

Former Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton, 24 July 2006.

We Reply

“Dear John,


How’s about “a new system,” a truly independent system for complaints, free from cronyism corruption and complacency and a system of honesty within the DWP free from the inbred appeals/complaints process, the administrators of which are currently “holding up two fingers” to our families and not discharging their “financial responsibilities” simply because they are co-habiting, on a day to day basis, within the same, or just another pseudo department made up of the same, old faces.

On the issue of Social Justice, how’s about social justice for those robbed of tens of thousands of pounds by means of the corrupt abuse of process; for those we know are being subjected to illegal activity by this rotten, autonomous and unrestrained DWP franchise!”

Some of us having spent six years or more pursuing our rights to justice, fobbed off by this mob, in different avenues; when are we going to see disciplinary action including dismissal against those “holding up two fingers” to our families and not discharging their “financial responsibilities” to them?

We’ll give you a list of civil and judicial servants to “name and shame,” to “come down on like a ton of bricks” and “throw the book at, we’ll have them  “named and shamed” here to assist you with government DWP policy.”

Yours sincerely,


The Campaign Against DWP Corruption











Please examine the website in greater depth for more information. Our affiliates have first hand experience and advice to offer however putting this into a structured format is time consuming and expensive given our limited, volunteer, resources. Please email us if you want to make a contribution toward the cause, join the campaign or “Get the T-Shirt”.

We regret we are unable to provide legal assistance or advice regarding individual cases. Any contact will be considered and if  we are unable to respond please do not be offended if you do not receive a reply as we simply do not have the staff to answer all points of contact but otherwise thank you for your interest.

Please have patience; the site is under construction – Add us to your Favorites for a later visit or perhaps even E-Mail us to a Friend


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