Following several years of dishonesty and stonewalling by the DWP and their lawyers, concerning violations of the Data Protection Act, to the detriment of UK citizen Martin Hossack, in 2006 the website “DWPCorruption” was born.

As other victims came forward to share their experience of endemic malfesance involving the DWP and their rotten complaints system, along with their corrupt associates within the Appeals Tribunal and Social Security Commissioners system, the Independent Case Examiner, Parliamentary Ombudsman and Information Commissioner, the site developed into a campaign (the CADC).

This appeared to be a thorn in the side of the DWP, their persistent and often successful attempts to close down the site being very costly to the campaign, resulting likewise in a considerable loss of important data.

With the DWP threatening the web hosting companies, which, one after another buckled in fear and broke their contracts with their customer, the campaign received repeated injury from the U.K. government, paid for by your taxes, which we would suggest constitutes misappropriation of public funds.

One would think that an organisation devoted to raising awareness of corruption within a government body, namely the DWP, the government would want these claims examined but not so. The policy was to do everything to silence complaint, by attacking the complainer and thereby conceal their illegal activity.

We rest our case. The strategy of concealment was now operating at every conceivable level.

Ironically it was a Social Security benefit case involving an asylum seeker, in which an upstanding and respected Social Security Commissioner identified the Test for Abuse of Power (CIS/6249/1999):

As a result of the attacks and injuries, the site itself became something of an asylum seeker and travelled to the US for hosting so as not to be injured further by DWP solicitors and especially one Nigel Fisher. Invitations to Nigel to explain what issue he had were not taken up. It was concluded their actions were but typical knee-jerk DWP bullying tactics.

The obsession with covering up their corruption saw the DWP purchase all other available DWPCorruption domain names and possibly even blog names this blog having to settle with DWPCorruption1 as the nearest available or as we privately refer to it today:

DWPCorruption Won. (1. Verb: Past tense of win, 2. To dwell, abide, stay.)

Here are some examples known to us:

1.      Domain name:                         dwpcorruption.org.uk

Registrant:                              DWP

Registrant’s address:  Room 9202


                                             Benton Park Road

                                             Newcastle Upon Tyne

                                             NE98 1YXUnited Kingdom

Relevant dates:             Registered on:31-Oct-2007; Renewal date:31-Oct-2013; Last updated:14-Nov-2011

2.      Domain Name:                       dwpcorruption.org

Created On:      31-Oct-200710:49:29 UTC

Last Updated On:             31-Oct-201114:48:15 UTC

Expiration Date:31-Oct-201210:49:29 UTC

Registrant Name:               Philip Parkyn

Registrant Organization:     DWP

Registrant Street:              Quarry Hill, Quarry House

RegistrantCity: Leeds

Registrant Postal Code:     LS2 7UA

Registrant Country:            GB

Registrant Phone:              +44.1132324493

Admin Email:     dean.timmins@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

Tech Organization:             1&1 Internet Ltd.

3.      Domain name:                         dwpcorruption.com

Registrant:                       DWP (DWP49162)

                                              Market Street

                                              Newcroft House

                                             Newcastle Upon Tyne

                                              NE1 6ND


Administrative contact:            Parkyn, Philip (PP33358)


                                              Market Street

                                              Newcroft House

                                             Newcastle Upon Tyne

                                              NE1 6ND



Tel:                                         +44.1912152632

Record created:                      2011-02-1408:08:22

Record last updated:               2011-05-0504:26:54

Record expires:                      2012-10-3111:19:00

4.      Domain name:                         dwpcorruption.net

Registrant:                       DWP (DWP63918)

                                              Market Street

                                              Newcroft House

                                             Newcastle Upon Tyne

                                              NE1 6ND


Technical contact:                   Administrator, Domain (DA4159995)

                                              NetNames Hostmaster

                                              3rd Floor Prospero House

                                             241 Borough High Street



                                              SE1 1GA



Tel:                                         +44.2070159370

Fax:                                        +44.2070159375

Administrative contact:            Parkyn, Philip (PP94446)

Record created:                      2011-02-1207:40:27

Record last updated:               2011-05-0504:26:32

Record expires:                      2012-10-3111:19:00

With the DWP intimidation of web hosts, the site closures begining in 2007, the site repeatedly relocated. For those of you who still believe the internet is free from Censorship we inform you that it was as early as 2008, the website attached a link which read:

“The first UK website to be Banned by the British Government by means of POLITICAL CENSORSHIP 3 times!!!”

With this tag it was not long before individuals with diverse issues of corruption in government were sharing their experiences at the site.

Wanting to assist, the site diversified into the context of Dealing With Political Corruption which was now way beyond the original intent and was to prove an overload.

Repeatedly shut down by the DWP and subsequently totally overloaded with requests for help and advice, the site or rather the domain name “DWPCorruption.co.uk” was sold by Martin, as was his right and was transferred to John Richard Jones on the 5th February 2012.

Having had the old site removed in it’s entirity, Mr. Jones then posted his intentions to share his experiences of the DWP and the NHS outlining his case on the site later that month.

His words came as something of a surprise.

We therefore quote some of these here to demonstrate what effect he expounds can be had upon an individual when mistreated by those in place to provide proper care and support: 

 “I, as a gifted, brain damaged child, had temporal lobe epilepsy and mental health problem was denied every penny of disability benefits…

I now suffer from Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD) which is a form of PTSD and I get depressed…

The emotional strengths of being gifted, combined with temporal lobe brain damage affecting my temper, anti-epileptic drugs giving me mood swings and everything being taken away from me as if I was subnormal with nobody listening but getting aggressive trying to shut me up I went berserk…

So since I am at risk of hurting someone or myself if I get picked on due to my emotional intensity and the trauma I went through as I have no control of myself when get picked on since I fear the evils of inferiority being inflicted on me and doing to me what happened when I was younger, so I should get DLA…

In spite of this disruptive side to me, when treated properly I am one of the most reliable and trusted of people by positively minded people…”

It is clear Mr Jones has had a very difficult time and we wish him well in sharing his experiences via the domain name DWPCorruption.co.uk albeit he seeks to use the domain for mainly personal purposes and in that the campaign must express a desire to part company.

What we do observe here however is a pattern being repeated across society resulting all too often in conflict.

Mr Jones continues:  “I shall retain the older website connected to this for reference purposes.”

Given Mr. Jones had no direct involvement in the original website, this blogsite has been created using extracts from the “Internet Archive: Wayback Machine” and exists to try to preserve the intent and spirit of the original and earliest manifestations of DWPCorruption (DWPC) and the Campaign Against DWP Corruption (CADC) to highlight appauling abuse of power and subsequent stonewalling which we know takes place and continues to take place within the government’s largest department.

With austerity measures and more and more oppressive legislation being introduced, coupled with the existing mentality, God help those now subject to this system and what they may potentially face in the future.

The previous generation, involving the likes of Martin, refused to be bullied – this blog being testament to such. With the support the site needed not forthcoming, all we can do is leave a small but hopefully not insignificant record, of the effort.

Where “DWPCorruption.co.uk” goes from here we know not and is in the hands of Mr Jones.

The Campaign however has not gone but has merely been constrained by economic and other resourses. Like most things done on the brew the finances simply were not there.

If Mr. Jones seeks to retain the earlier DWPC and CADC “for reference” such is up to him and we would take the view that should he do so such is considered a tribute, the original otherwise having moved here, perhaps moreso just for the memory. 

By all means please continue to share with us but be aware the objective of the site was to always to raise awareness of illegal DWP and associated Tribunal conduct and not to take on the whole arena of government malfesance.

We leave you with a thought:

An ant against a scorpion has no chance.

A scorpion against a colony of ants likewise has no chance.

Our view is why the fight? Why not do the job properly instead of playing politics with other peoples lives with dishonest and illegal activity?

Or is there some secretive Common Purpose behind all this corruption?

The Campaign Against DWP Corruption


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